Drama: Why Are Some People Addicted To Drama?

The phrase ‘Drama’ is usually heard and utilized in right now’s world. This might be to explain one thing on TV or in a movie. It might probably additionally describe what’s going on in a single’s life or the lifetime of one other particular person.

Dictionary Which means

And on the dictionary.com web site drama is described as: 1. a composition in prose or verse presenting in dialogue or pantomime a narrative involving battle or distinction of character, particularly one meant to be acted on the stage; a play. 2. The department of literature having such compositions as its topic; dramatic artwork or illustration. 3. The artwork coping with the writing and manufacturing of performs. 4. Any scenario or series  of occasions having vivid, emotional, conflicting, or placing curiosity or outcomes: the drama of a homicide trial. 5. The standard of being dramatic.

So in the case of the phrase drama, it might be applicable to say that drama exists within the absence of peace and concord. And that like most issues on this earth, one can even grow to be hooked on drama.

The Two Varieties Of Drama

In a cleaning soap or movie for instance; the drama is normally extra excessive than it’s in a person’s life. Nonetheless, even when one had been to speak concerning the common particular person’s life; there’s nonetheless loads of drama.

This will vary from all kinds of occurrences and outcomes. And what’s sure is that one’s inner expertise is unlikely to be one among calm and serenity. The exterior expertise will be as equally chaotic to what’s going on the within, if no more.

And most of the time, it’s going to appear that this drama is simply taking place and that one has no management over its expression. As a result of on one facet there’s the drama in a single’s life and on the opposite there’s the attraction to the drama within the lives of others.

Seen And Invisible Drama

What’s going on externally is straightforward to see and what’s going on inside one other’s thoughts and physique is more durable, if not unimaginable, to see. This isn’t solely the case for the surface observer, however this may occasionally additionally apply to the person.

Because of this ones: ideas, emotions, feelings and even ones personal behaviours might go on unnoticed and out of ones consciousness.

What’s The Attraction?

So this creates the query: what attracts folks to the exterior drama? By means of changing into engrossed and connected to the drama in different folks’s lives, it permits for a minimum of two issues to occur.

One of many issues this does, is permits one to flee kind their very own drama. And secondly by evaluating ones drama to the exterior drama it creates a comparability. This comparability then allows one to see that their drama is just not too dangerous and thru this distinction one can really feel extra comfy.

In terms of the drama is one’s personal life, it’s as if this drama follows one round. And regardless of the place ones goes or who ones with; it’s all the time there and like a shadow that may’t be eliminated.

The Drama Dependancy

So whether or not one is working away from their very own drama or caught up within the drama of one other particular person’s life, be in actual or via watching it on TV, there’s an attachment there.

This attachment normally goes on out of 1’s consciousness and would not make any sense to the acutely aware thoughts. And this attachment is creating the identical habits and the identical patterns of behaviour.

The Ego Thoughts

To have the ability to perceive why one thing exists in a single’s life and why it retains exhibiting up, the ego thoughts needs to be introduced into the equation. And the way in which the ego thoughts perceives actuality is basically via ones early childhood experiences.

And thru these early childhood experiences the ego thoughts begins to kind associations of what’s protected and it does this via what’s acquainted. What this implies is, regardless of how practical or dysfunctional these experiences had been: they are going to be related by the ego thoughts as what’s protected.

The wounded Inside Little one

Though time might have handed; all these early experiences nonetheless exist within the wounded internal youngster. The outdated recollections stay frozen and trapped within the physique and one will tackle these once more via regression.

Because of this one will proceed to expertise the identical emotions and patterns of behaviour that this wounded internal youngster has related as protected.

The Drama Expertise

When ones experiences this drama of their life and with it the absence of peace and concord, there shall be sure emotions and ideas patterns. And these emotions, behaviours and exterior manifestations are more likely to mirror ones early childhood expertise.

So what occurs could also be totally different on the surface, however how one feels and thinks on the within is so acquainted that one other approach isn’t even thought of. And because of this; the interior expertise is just not questioned or noticed.

These emotions might be: hopelessness, rejection, abandonment, powerless, worthlessness and concern.

The Hidden Profit

On the floor these clearly don’t have any profit, however to the ego thoughts and to the wounded internal youngster they’re acquainted and due to this fact protected. What this additionally means is that the ego thoughts has primarily based its entire identification on these associations and so if the ego thoughts had been to allow them to go, it might seem to be the top of its existence.

The ego thoughts additionally has every kind of defence mechanism to keep away from its self and going through what it might moderately run away from. It does this as a result of it really works on pleasure and ache. And what occurred all these years in the past in ones childhood would have undoubtedly been painful and this implies the ego thoughts will do all it may to keep away from these early recollections.


So via defence mechanisms corresponding to: dissociation, repression, denial and projection; all that one hasn’t confronted will flip up in ones interactions with others and as inner experiences. And because of this the identical patterns will seem and why drama typically follows some folks the place ever they go and whoever there with.


This reveals how necessary consciousness is. All that has occurred prior to now is barely persevering with to look, as a result of it has not been expressed. By means of the ego minds tendency to keep away from what occurred, one finally ends up as a slave to their ego thoughts.

By being the observer of the ego thoughts and permitting the previous emotions, feelings and ideas to be expressed; one has the prospect to see that there one other approach.

Drama exists as a selection or as a possible; it isn’t the one selection and is one among many potentials.

My title is Oliver J R Cooper and I’ve been on a journey of self consciousness for over 9 years and for a few years previous to that I had a pure curiosity.

For over two years, I’ve been writing articles. These cowl psychology and communication. This has additionally result in poetry.

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