Commercials Catapult Voice-Over Artist to Cult Status

In case you assume that TV commercials are simply fillers to be sorted out from the “actual” applications, then possibly you need to give it some thought once more. A current string of commercials for GEICO have confirmed to be such successful that they’ve been considered by 1000’s of and guests over and over through the previous few months.

The commercials characteristic voice-over artist D.C. Douglas introducing “actual individuals” alongside celebrities similar to Little Richard, Burt Bacharach, Verne Troyer (Mini Me), Peter Graves and Charo.

Douglas, a voice-over artist, has been deluged with requests to do extra commercials following the success of the present string of GEICO adverts. A seasoned skilled, offering voice-over companies to small, medium and large-scale advertisers alike, Douglas is awed by the response. “It actually does simply blow my thoughts,” he stated.

However D.C. Douglas did not actually need the GEICO commercials to be heard or seen. Along with his voice-over work, he has a profession as an actor in TV and flicks which stretches again 20 years. He has been featured in visitor star spots on a number of hit reveals from “Beverly Hills: 90210” to “Las Vegas” to “What About Brian” and has appeared in movies similar to “Beneath Siege II,” “The Fee” and “Completely Blonde.”

Along with his work as a personality actor and voice over female voice-over artist, Douglas can be a profitable author and movie producer. He has written and produced a number of award successful movies. He does every part in these movies: produces, writes, direct, acts, edits, animates and naturally promotes them as properly.

In 2005, Douglas’s movie brief, “Duck, Duck, Goose!” performed over 20 festivals world wide and obtained a number of awards, together with Finest Brief from the Seattle True Unbiased Movie Pageant and Finest Actor from the Trenton Movie Pageant.

Nevertheless, Douglas isn’t resting on his laurels and has a lot of movie tasks lined up for this coming yr, 2007. D.C. can be in 5 movies, together with “Deadwater” with Lance Henriksen and “Common Distant: The Film” with Charles Q. Murphy; the Hallmark Channel TV film “Remaining Strategy” with Lea Thompson and Anthony Michael Corridor; and his personal movie brief, “The Crooked Eye” starring reverse Fay Masterson.

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